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Hella NaviLED Pro Deck Mount Adaptor

With the new Horizontal Deck Mount Adaptor accessory, it increases the installation flexibility of the NaviLED PRO range. Now the lamps can be mounted on horizontal surfaces, expanding the mounting options and catering to customers with larger vessels….


The NaviLED PRO series of navigation lamps has been the preferred choice of commercial and large recreational vessels for over a decade.
– Mount NaviLED PRO lamps on horizontal surfaces
– Fits existing product range including Port, Starboard, Stern, Masthead, Bi-colour
– Increases physical dimensions for larger vessels
– Innovative design hides fastenings
– Space for cable gland beneath adaptor
– UV and impact resistant material
In addition to the increased mounting configurations, large vessels often prefer a larger fitting to match proportionately with the size of the boat. This new adaptor increases the physical appearance of the lamp by 50%.
The Horizontal Deck Mount Adaptor is ideal when retrofitting old incandescent lamps that were often deck mounted designs, and caters for both rear and bottom exit cabling.
The option of either black or white matches the NaviLED Pro offerings to compliment the installed appearance.

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