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OM Red Teak Cleaners

Our Part 1 Red Teak Cleaner will give your teak a deep clean which does not involve any heavy scrubbing. Available in three different sizes: 1ltr / 3.25ltr / 5ltr…


Our cleaner will easily remove all stains, oils and any old sealers removed from the wood, whilst ensuring none of the original soft grain from the wood is lost.
Working in 1 metre squared areas, simply soak your teak with fresh water. Then spray (or otherwise apply) the red cleaner and agitate with a soft brush or scouring pad. You will then see all unwanted dirt lift out before you wash away.
Once you have applied our part 1 red cleaner, you may want to apply our part 2 green teak renovator. Simply apply the renovator in the same way you should with the part 1 cleaner, and you will see your teak come back to life to its original colour. Your teak should then be washed with fresh water and allowed to thoroughly dry.

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